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Presidential handover from

John Balshaw to Alison Clark

handoverPresident John has had a successful year as the leader of the Rotary Club of Hornsea and East Riding and the club has raised £20,000 pounds for local and international charities. The club has also helped individuals in their endeavours helping with costs for specialised musical instruments or courses in the arts and medical equipment. John will be a hard act to follow.

For the following year I hope to maintain the links we have made with the local community and, as well as organising our own fundraising events, help other groups with practical help for theirs. The club has helped support William's Farm Kitchen with their annual charity cycle race, St Andrew's Hospice with their 'Bubblerush' event and the Royal British Legion with their Remembrance Day Service and selling poppies.

Locally we have donated money or equipment to the nursery and high schools, Inshore Rescue, air cadets and St John ambulance, helped towards hanging baskets for the town, supported the Twinning Association and Christmas dinner at the Floral Hall and this year we would like to maintain support for these groups as required.

Internationally the club provides aquaboxes and shelterboxes that are sent to areas worldwide to help those that are affected by disasters of all kinds. Money has been donated to the Pahar Trust that helps with educational establishments in Nepal, and another donation will go this year. In collaboration with other Rotary clubs around the area we are helping to fund an ambulance boat to serve in west Africa. This boat will take medical aid to areas that are inaccessible by road, but have good access by river.

In the last five years since I joined the Rotary club in Hornsea I have enjoyed the events that we have planned and instigated and the charitable nature of club's work. The social aspect is also a big part of the yearly diary and the camaraderie it engenders is remarkable. Our membership is still growing which is a telling situation when there is always so much else to call on people's spare time.

I am looking forward to a busy and enjoyable presidential year.




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