Presidential handover 2024-2025

Handover2024-25President's Handover took place officially on the 1st July, and celebrated the new year meeting at our usual venue, the Hornsea Golf Club.

Photo shows retiring President Sidney Fox (right) handing over the Chain of Office to Ray Thompson(left)

President Ray Thompson stated :
I am sure you will all join me, in thanking Sidney for the last 12 months for all his hard work and dedication in ensuring that our club continues.
I am very honoured, and extremely flattered, to be taking over as the President of the Hornsea & East Riding Rotary Club and I would just like to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to you all, for electing and supporting me in this role, and I sincerely hope that we can continue, with our combined efforts, to make a difference, to so many people’s lives

For this coming Rotary Year my outline plan is as follows. 
We will, continue to inspire, all those who come into contact with our club and encourage new members to join us, in Fun, Friendship & Fellowship, and raising awareness.

Shelterbox, Aquabox, and the Disaster Relief Charities, have very close links with the Rotary. However, with what has happened over the last few years of Covid, Wars, and the loss of membership, I do feel we need to promote ourselves locally so, we can build the club back to where we were as before the Covid epidemic.
For a lot of years now, our club has been a supporter of many charities, and I would hope that we will continue to donate financially to them in the near future.

This club has supported many national charities and good causes, those being most dear to this club are:
Marie Curie : Care and Support through Terminal Illness.
The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.
It is my wish that the club continues with its full support for these very worthy causes.

As a club, we have always supported Youth Groups and Schools both in and around Hornsea.
This club will continue to support our local youngsters by sponsoring RYLA candidates, together with financial and manpower contributions and also consider any other worthwhile cause, that is brought to our attention. 
I feel it is important to continue to raise awareness of Rotary by participating in local events, such as The Hornsea Carnival, Beach Lights Night, the Remembrance Day Parade, Last Night of The Proms, strengthening relationships within the town and allowing residents and visitors to see Rotary in Action.

Traditionally, the new President highlights one particular local charity that he wishes our club to support. I do feel that to promote the club and get new members we need to be seen by other local, very small charities in the area.

I’m looking forward to my year in office and I hope that we can indeed ‘Be The Inspiration’ for each other, and continue to enjoy the Fun, Fellowship & Friendship we’ve experienced in the past, now in the present and onwards into the future

If you are interested in learning more about Rotary in our community, please contact us. We would be pleased to talk to you about Rotary and how you too, may become a member of this international service organization.

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